World Protests Israeli Ground Offensive in Gaza

Israeli massacres in Gaza for the ninth consecutive day drove millions across the globe to protest against oppression, criminality and bloodshed.
World capitals witnessed massive rallies in solidarity with the Palestinians suffering in Gaza Strip. Demonstrations have been held since the beginning of the Israeli massacre that has claimed the lives of more than 485 Palestinians and injured 2,500, calling upon the international community to act responsibly.
The UNSC failed for the third time to issue a statement calling for a stop of the Israeli war.
Hundreds of thousands of Turks demonstrated outside Israeli and United Nations missions in Istanbul and Ankara Sunday, protesting Israel’s ground offensive in Gaza, CNN Turk news channel reported.
Waving Palestinian flags, “stop the war placards” and chanting anti-US and anti-Israel slogans, the masses defied a very cold and snowy weather to express support to Gaza and to denounce the Israeli invasion of the densely populated region. Turkish party leaders and representatives condemned in their speeches the international and official Arab silence as to the genocidal war in Gaza. 
Moreover, over a thousand of people demonstrated in Stockholm, the Swedish capital including Swedish Jews who condemned the Israeli massacres in gaza. The Islamic Union delivered a speech there in additon to the Swedish Leftist Party. 
In Ramallah in the West Bank, tens of thousands of Palestinians took to the streets to protest the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza and clashed with Israeli occupation security forces. A Palestinian demonstrator was shot dead by Israeli troops in the northern West Bank during the protest, medics and security officials said.
Mufid al-Walwil, 21, was killed when Israeli troops opened fire on a group of Palestinians who were throwing stones at them near the separation wall in Qalqilya.
Thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian activists and students protested in Beirut Sunday. Another protest took place outside the US embassy in Awkar north Beirut. Lebanese security forces used water cannons and tear gas to disperse demonstrators who gathered to protest the US’s blind support for Israel in the UN Security Council during a meeting on the situation in Gaza.
Moreover, around 200 Iraqis staged a protest in the southern shrine city of Karbala condemning Israel’s deadly attacks on Gaza and voicing support for Palestinians. The crowd chanted “No, no, to imperialism,” “No, no, to Israel,” and “No, no to Zionism,” as they marched to the holy shrine of Imam Hussein.
The demonstrators also carried banners reading: “We the people of Karbala condemn the Zionist regime’s atrocities against the defenseless people of Gaza.”
On Saturday, more than a hundred thousand people defied a minus five degrees Celsius temperature and gathered in central London and across the UK against Israeli massacres in Gaza. The demonstrators hurled shoes at the gates of Downing Street in protest at the international support to Israelis in their aggression on Gaza.


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