Last minute:Israel Approves “Enlarging” Offensive on Gaza

Twelve days on the beginning of its deadliest offensive against the Palestinian people in the Gaza strip that claimed the lives of around 700 people and injured more than 3000 others, the Zionist entity is set to even “expand” the war furthermore.

Indeed, the Israeli security cabinet on Wednesday approved enlarging the offensive against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, but left the final decision to Defense Minister Ehud Barak, a senior defense official declared.

“They approved continuing the ground offensive, including a third stage that would broaden it by pushing deeper into populated areas,” he said. “But it left it up to the defense establishment whether to implement the decision.”

However, and in a move that seemed “contradictory Israeli daily Ynet reported that Israeli Defense Ministry official Major General Amos Gilad will leave for Egypt Thursday in order to discuss the Franco-Egyptian ceasefire initiative. Gilad is expected to meet with Egyptian intelligence Chief Omar Suleiman and other senior officials.

The daily quoted political sources in occupied Jerusalem as saying that Israel is opposed to indirect negotiations with Hamas and to including the crossings issue in the a ceasefire agreement.

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