BBC has little real interest in the death of a Palestinian child, Israel’s apologists for murder get priority.

I realize I have dealt with this subject before, but I make no apologies for returning to it, as the Western mainstream media’s coverage of Israel’s military incursion into Palestinian Gaza has begun to degenerate into something Hitler’s propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, would have been proud off. Over the weekend I watched a video clip of the BBC corespondent Orla Guerin reporting from the Israeli side of the border with Gaza. She like all western journalists have been refused entry to Gaza by the Israeli government, which in effect is censoring what the BBC’s  license payers payers can hear and see.

Yet when ‘speaking’ on air to an Israeli military [IDF] Spin-master, Guerin failed to tell the viewers this at the start of her broadcast despite it being highly relevant. (To describe what she did as interviewing would be a misnomer) She and her producer in London allowed him without challenge to speak straight from the Israeli public relations advisers script. He spewed out all the usual Israeli military disinformation, “Israel only wanting peace, due to the Hamas rockets, one million Israelis have had to live in fear in air-raid shelters for the last six months, Israel prides itself on not targeting Palestinian civilians, Hamas is in league with Iranian terrorism, etc.” 

That the BBC led its main news bulletin with this so called ‘interview,’ when hundred’s of Palestinian civilians have been killed by Israel’s missiles and artillery shells speaks volumes about the corporations impartiality. At the very least an experienced journalist like Ms Guerin should have reminded the IDF officer and her viewers that if Hamas is firing rockets, it is the responsibility of the Israeli government which refuses to abide by UN resolutions to withdraw from the West Bank and cease its blockade of Gaza.  Instead at the end of their talk, she politely thanked the IDF spokesperson and it was back to London and the latest football result, whilst this IDF apologist for murder moved on to be ‘interviewed’ by another Western home town news crew.

Compare this with a similar interview of a IDF publicist which Al Jazeera  broadcast around the same time. This time asking the questions it was the stations news anchor based in Doha, again we had the on message IDF publicist. Much the same questions were asked as in the BBC interview, but this time the Al Jazeera producer in Doha cut the TV screen in two, on one side was the Israeli spokesman, same nonsense about not targeting civilians etc, whilst on the other half of the screen was video of the Mosque the IDF had destroyed only hours earlier when it was packed with people worshiping. When the Al Jazeera Anchor asked the IDF spokesman about the humanitarian crises in Gaza he replied with a variation of crises, what crises? Simultaneously as these weasel words were spoken, we the viewers could see on the other half of our TV screen pictures of panic stricken and blood splattered Palestinian civilian’s entering a Gazan hospital with their injured relatives. 

As the IDF publicist spoke about Israel not targeting civilians, the camera panned down to a pre school age child victim of IDF bombing, having without anesthetic a tube pushed into the side of his chest to drain fluids off. The camera then moved across to the face of another child, less than two years old, you could almost see the light in the child’s eyes going out, then a doctor rushed over, pulled her clothes aside and felt the little mites heart beat. There was none, another child victim of a combination of Israeli aggression, US tax dollars and the silent acquiesces of Western governments.

Whilst this was all going on the IDF spokes-person had continued his running commentary that disgraced the whole human race.


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