Israeli Reservist Refuses to Join Gaza Offensive

An Israeli occupation army reservist has been sentenced to a fortnight in solitary confinement for refusing to participate in the ongoing offensive against the Gaza Strip, an advocacy group says.
The army denied Monday’s claim, saying there was never any question of sending the soldier to Gaza, although it confirmed he was handed a one-week jail term.
The 35-year-old, who was not named, disobeyed a call-up order to protest the deaths of Palestinian civilians killed since the December 27 start of Israel’s war on Gaza, according to Ometz Lesarev – Hebrew for “Courage to Refuse”.
He would be the first soldier sentenced to solitary confinement for refusing to serve since the start of the offensive, which has so far left more than 930 Palestinians dead.
Ometz Lesarev said he was one of three reservists who had contacted the organization for advice after refusing to serve in Gaza. The other two had reached an amicable agreement with their commander not to take part in combat.
An Israeli army spokesman said: “He was not a combat soldier and would have never been sent to Gaza. He refused to go on a professional course for personal reasons, and then this whole thing got completely blown out of proportion.”
The spokesman said the soldier had been sentenced to a week in jail for being absent without leave, but did not know if it was in solitary confinement.

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