Obama has to support the International Tribunal for War Crimes against Israel…

Or The World Order lead by the US and the rule of International Law will definitely fall apart


The Attack by Israeli forces to the populated Gaza strip and the silence of the world could mean the end of the structures and institutions created after the Second World War. If a new order emerge of the chaos in the international relations when the old rules are been used discretionary by the world powers and the United States loses definitely its position is still not clear. Shall Russia, China and Europe work together a new framework or are we heading to a time of disorder and chaos? Obama has the historical opportunity to revive at least the illusion of an international order respected by everyone. He can choose now if his administration will be a respected one by showing leadership or will continue the path of G. W. Bush and further destroy the US reputation.


The passivity in the blooded attack by military Israeli forces to an enemy with almost nothing to put against in military terms and the bombardment of cities with huge numbers of civilian causalities can be compared with the worst crimes perpetrated in times of war in the past. Here are Guernica, Warszawa Ghetto, Dresden, Faluya, Leningrad and Gaza in the same shameful company.


To clarify my opinion that we are heading to the total disintegration of the World Order can we take some recent events in the international arena.


Georgia attacked the South Ossetian capital last year in order to recover what they considered was Georgian territory from the separatist that wanted being included in the Russian Federation. Russian reacted with unexpected force sending a large contingent of tanks and military aircraft to “punish the aggressor” and “save lives of Russian Citizens”. The Russian military power crashed in a few days the Georgian army and bombed a few small towns in Georgia. The situation bring the world to the edge of a bigger war when the USA send war ships to the black sea and the NATO made sharp statements against Russia. The press in the West condemned Russia without exception. The Russian opinion could not understand why the West could see what was happened there, but the Russians government retired relatively quickly from Georgia due to the international press ion. Now, the question is: Do you thing that Russia shall doubt to bomb anybody that treat their citizens in the future when Israel can do that without punishment? The relation of forces involved in the two cases can not be different in any realistic timeframe.


We can compare too how the so called “International Community” i.e. The US and the EU treated the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo and how they treated Israel-Palestine. It is obvious that despite the great similarities in the two conflicts the reactions are very different.


Serbia send the army to take control of the historical Serbian region of Kosovo that was claiming independency and carried out armed attacks to the Serbian population and government institutions in the region. The population of Kosovo was mainly emigrated Albans that had become majority. The West reacted with unrestricted support to the Kosovo rebels and together with the US bombed Serbia in order to stop the Serbian military operation in the region that was classified as “Ethnic Cleaning” by human right defenders in the West.


In Palestine have we a people that had been displaced from their properties, houses and soil during more that 60 years by now. All attempts to resist this crime have been declared as terrorism, despite that the UN: s foundation chart gave the right to every people in the world to resist foreign occupation by any means. We have to have in mind that the Nazis also called terrorists to the resistance fighters in France, Norway, Greece, Italy, Russia and many others places.


However when the Palestinian people resist the “Ethnic Cleaning” of Palestine and Israel react as Serbia did when Kosovo Albans claim Serbian soil, West react completely different, despite that Kosovo was Serbian from the beginning meanwhile Palestine had been Palestine for more that thousands years now. Here nobody talk about an independent Palestine, About a Palestine State, about to bomb Israel in order to put a stop to the killing of the Palestinians as they did to save the Albanian population from Serbian retaliation. Instead The West recognises Kosovo as an independent state and gave the power to a narco-terrorist organisation in Kosovo.


When Israel react harder than Russia did in Georgia to the attacks of the Islamic resistance in Gaza nobody send wars ship to the coasts of Israel as they did with Russia. Not Russia that take note of the situation and surely glad can cons ate that there is not such a thing as international law. The governments and free press of the West have not condemn Israel as they did with Russia and surely they are not going to treat with broken commercial and military cooperation as they did with Russia.


We see the end of the World leaded by the West.


If the US chose the wrong way this time nobody will hear what they have to say in the future. Not Russia, Not China, Not South America, Nobody. Maybe is better in this way. Why maintain in artificial life something that does work anyway. The Chairman of the UN General assembly seems to think in similar terms when he said last week that the Security Council is in practice dead and called to the General Assembly to treat the siege and bombardment of Civilians in Gaza. The Result was 142 votes in favour of the condemnation of Israel, 4 against (of which one vote was against because Venezuela demanded harder measures and the others 3 were the US, Israel and a little Island in the Pacific) and 8 abstentions. This shows a broad international consensus about what the world feels and what the US supports.


Barak Obama has one time opportunity to initiate his period with justice and restore some credibility to the damaged image of the US. In a time in which the US is heading to an economic meltdown and thereby further loose of its influence in the international relations will be sound and wise to adhere to the rest of the World and stop being the eternal opponent to the will of the community of nations. We can wait and see what Barak Obama will do but not so long time. He has at most 6 month to begin deliver concrete changes in the right direction. After that the disillusion will growth exponentially in the US and around the world.


Nobody likes thieves 

Nobody likes thieves. It is about time people started calling a spade a spade. True, Jews were incinerated in ovens in Nazi Germany (so they say six million of them, or however many) in 12 years. 26 million Soviet citizens died in 4 years. True, Hamas fired rockets at Jewish settlements set up on the former homes of Palestinians, taken away from them by Israelis. True, Israeli civilians were killed in the process. But how many innocent civilians has Israel massacred? 


True, Hamas fired rockets at Jewish settlements set up on the former homes of Palestinians, taken away from them by Israelis. True, Israeli civilians were killed in the process. But how many innocent civilians has Israel massacred? And then it claims it is the eternal victim?


Nobody likes thieves. And why is it that every time one places an article which places in question the policy of Tel Aviv, that an army of cyber hackers appears, sending viruses to forums and news sites which “dare” to claim that Israel is not in the right? Is this freedom of speech? Is this freedom of expression?


Nobody likes thieves. It is about time there was an open and free and fair debate about the entire Middle East question and let us launch this debate, once and for all.


For a start, nobody is being anti-Semitic in bringing into question the policies defended by Tel Aviv, the more so because the word “Semitic” refers to the languages spoken in the Middle East region, including Arabic, and therefore any such accusation is as ludicrous as it is inaccurate, so let this be the end to the “anti-Semitic” accusation once and for all.


Nobody likes thieves. It is about time Israel ’s sheer hypocrisy and idiotic stupidity were outed, once and for all. How can this country claim any right and reason is on its side when it is flouting international law with every second that passes? The United Nations Organization set out a very clear definition as to what Israel is and the territory that Israel occupies today has nothing whatsoever to do with the area constituted by international law, therefore Israel is in violation of international law while it occupies territories that do not belong to it. Israel is a thief. Nobody likes thieves.


No occupation, no problem

No occupation, no problem. Why is it that Israel does not understand the simple precept that it has no right whatsoever to occupy lands which do not belong to it? Giving up the Gaza strip does not equate the building of colonies on the West Bank .


Nobody likes thieves. Until Israel moves back to the territories designated as “Israel” when the country was set up, carved out of Palestinian lands by an international community shocked by Nazi humanitarian crimes against this ethnic group, among many others (who mentions the Negro holocaust – slavery – for instance, in which tens of millions of Negroes were slaughtered?) how can it expect to claim the moral high ground? No occupation, no problem.

And regarding “atrocities”, so long as Israeli forces slaughter 250 children in two weeks, any claims that Israeli civilians are victims to Hamas rockets must surely fall on deaf ears. And what are the Palestinians supposed to do? Sit back, watch their lands be taken over, place their hands on their hearts and sing “Hallelujah”? No occupation, no problem. Nobody likes thieves.


War crimes

The UN High Commissioner on Human Rights declared on Friday that war crimes may have been committed by Israeli soldiers in Gaza . War crimes were already committed in Palestinian territories and in the Lebanon by Israeli forces, without the international community raising an eyelid. Yet these days, practically everyone outside Israel agrees that enough is enough. The sad thing is that Israel ’s policies give rise to those who claim that Hitler was right and to who question why the Jews have been thrown out of everywhere, practically, during the last five thousand years of history.

Of course war crimes were committed by Israelis in Gaza . Bombing a UN school for a start is called what? Self-defence? And 250 children in ten days? Is this what Tel Aviv calls an Act of God? Or Yahweh?


The way forward

Israel exists, period. But Israel means the original boundaries drawn up by the UNO. Until Israel respects the norms of international law, it cannot claim full rights as a member of the international community. Firstly, Israel must leave the lands it occupies illegally. Nobody likes thieves. No occupation, no problem.

Secondly, the international community has to decide upon the status of Jerusalem. It does not belong to Jews, or Arabs. It belongs to everyone. Therefore why not constitute an international city there, set up the UNHQ in Jerusalem and make it an international forum for debate? As we see, the solution is perfectly simple. Until then, there will be problems. Nobody likes thieves. No occupation, no problem.

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